I learned to knit when I was little, when my grandmother would cast on something acrylic for me and I would proceed to yarn over and drop stitches without knowing what I was doing. I started knitting four years ago, when a good friend gifted me the first Stitch n’ Bitch book and I found that the muscle memory for knit and purl stitches was just there for me.

I love to watch a pattern emerge from the needles; to count stitches and arrive at the right number over and over; the way a string twists and curls and knots into a solid piece of fabric. I was excited each time I conquered a new skill – cables, decreasing, yarn overs on purpose. And now I’m excited to dip my toe into knit design.

During the day (and quite frankly, plenty of my evenings and weekends) I edit books. Books take a long time to exist. A hat I can start and finish in a matter of a few nights’ knitting. A hat I’ve designed myself is just that much more satisfying.

I hope you enjoy the knits and the patterns to come – welcome aboard!


drop me a stitch

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