I have fallen headlong into podcasts. Knitting podcasts. I subscribe to them on itunes, I play them on the bus on the way home from work, I’ve been systematically listening to the Knitmore Girls from the beginning and am almost caught up to where I started tuning in this past winter.

And so, Stash Dash. I haven’t officially signed up in the Ravelry thread, but in my own mind I’m in for 3000 meters. And am just over halfway there.

Don’t ask me how. With all the projects at work taking up head space and all the things we’ve been doing to get the house finished, I’m surprised that I’ve finished anything let alone 1600 meters of knitting. The rules for stash dash are that some knitting (or crochet or weaving or spinning) has to happen, followed by finishing and blocking, for an item to count – but that anything finished between May 22 and August 14 this summer counts towards one’s total. So that means that anything I’d cast on beforehand and finished since the beginning counts. That means if I knit one of something (a sock, a mitt) and then knit the second within the window, both count.

So far, I have finished the following:

Stash Dash 2015 – off the needles

A Campside shawl, a pair of Porthos socks, a single Rose City Roller, a single (and brilliantly neon) Smokestack sock, a plain vanilla sock, an Escalator sock, and a worsted Hermaness hat. Not pictured is an additional pair of Rose City Rollers for me, from a skein of Knitpicks Felici. I find that pattern just delightful.

And still on the needles:

Stash Dash 2015 – in progress

A Shaped Cable Top that still needs a back and a sleeve (and with August 14th speeding towards me, I don’t think I’m going to be able to finish in time),  a second Escalator, a second Zombie Vixen mitt, and an Almondine sock that’s only a few inches in. Not yet cast on are all those second socks. And not pictured is a vest that needs a big squishy cowl collar, and a baby blanket that’s been on the needles forever.

Even with a vacation in a week (mostly a break from the house – which is now on the market after we worked on it the first half of this year – but also doubling as a week-late anniversary trip), I don’t think I’m going to finish. Part of it is poor planning on my part – I’d finished a bunch of things just before Stash Dash started, by just days in a couple cases, rather than getting a bunch of stuff almost done as smarter knitters do. I also realize that I’ve spent all this time on the front of a sweater that I’m certainly not going to have done, because I’ve never seamed up a sweater before, and will want to go super slowly and carefully. All that time I could have spent on other things. And that Almondine sock – I’d been bored with having just the one sock on the needles, and was feeling a case of startitis coming on (in a sock-specific kind of way). Didn’t feel like knitting seconds of any of the three singles I have done, didn’t want a vanilla sock no matter how much I wanted to use some of the pretty, striping yarns in my stash, and couldn’t muster any excitement for a pattern I wanted to knit in any of my skeins not earmarked for bigger projects or gift knitting. So to assuage some of my guilt over starting another sock so late in the dash, I cast on for the first of the socks for my mother-in-law in some yarn I’d bought to become socks for her more than a year ago. But still, not smart if the goal is finished yardage (or meterage).

Who else is participating in Stash Dash this year? Are you poised to make your goals?