These past few weeks have been less about knitting and more about everything else. Between working on the house, a family funeral, work that’s so busy I’ve had a few stress dreams about it, and more work on the house, I have finished exactly one sock. And it’s an ankle sock, so it took a little fraction of the time as any other.

In the meantime, though, we’ve had a bathroom gutted and a closet framed out. We’ve tiled and grouted and caulked and sealed a kitchen backsplash, and then tiled and grouted and caulked and sealed a shower and bathroom floor. We’ve primed and painted walls and ceilings and closets and bathrooms and miles of trim. Last week started off with piles of boxes on the floor and a new toilet in our car’s trunk, and little by little the contents of the boxes made their way to electric and water hookups and now there are lights and a shower.

And it’s exhausting. We’re trying to rush to finish things to get the house on the market this summer – it’s just too big for two of us and a dog, and we’d always planned to fix it up and sell it in fairly short order. But as it turns out, I hate redoing rooms from scratch. I hate picking out separate elements all at once and hoping that they go well together (though we’re keeping things fairly neutral, and it worked out beautifully in the kitchen). I hate buying so much stuff at once, even though it’s not so much stuff as paint and lights and grout.

But there’s always an upside, right? It turns out we’re not bad at tile. We’ve already got a painting rhythm down, but now it’s more like a dance around the edges of the room since we’ve perfected it. And as tired and sore as I am at the end of a weekend working on the house, it’s still so satisfying to see things coming together as we do them. That concreteness is so much the opposite of my usual work day, and sometimes it’s just what I need, something I’ve done with my two hands that I can touch or hold or look at.

But I’m still dying for a weekend off!