IMG_0451.JPGIt is August – the end of August – and while it’s still a bit hot in the northeastern US to want a lap full of wool, I confess that I’m already in fall mentally. Part of this is probably due to the sweater I’m making, as part of the Very Shannon Summer Sweater KAL – which I’m excited to be participating in, and determined to finish. And when I’m done, with any luck, I’ll have a sweater that doesn’t fit me at all.

IMG_0439.JPGBack a year or so ago (I think it was less. I recall winter coats being involved), my mom (crocheter), my grandmother (knitter), my little sister (crocheter), and I (knitter) went to Webs. Somehow, over the course of things, I convinced my little sister that she could totally make herself a sweater. She used to knit after all, and we found a simple raglan pattern and some bright, bulky yarn, and one of us would have the right size needles. And somehow, over the course of things, I ended up holding the yarn and the pattern and had agreed that I would have even less trouble than she would knitting her a sweater.


Since I’m working on holiday knitting, and since there are plans for socks and shawls for various family members, I figured there should probably be a sweater for my sister ready as well. The book we picked up was Tundra: Elements – it starts with a base of a bottom-up raglan-sleeve sweater and adds in lots of variations, from stripes to different collars to elbow patches. I was told that I could choose whichever combination of things I liked. So of course, I decided to take the basic pattern and do something completely different. I have plans for a kangaroo pocket, my friends. I have knit super long cuffs with a thumbhole (that can also be folded over to wrist-length). This sweater is going to be loud and warm.

So far, the sleeves are done to the point of being joined to the body for decreases, and I’m working on the body (and have done all the waist shaping so far). I’m really liking this whole knitting sweaters with bulky yarn thing – I’ve cast on about as many stitches as I would for a baby sweater, but when I’m done (with any luck) I should have a sweater that fits a full grown adult. So fun!