So the knitting 5k with my knitting group is over. I didn’t break 5000 yards of yarn knit (or even come close), but I did hit my much smaller goal of 1000 yards, which is great. Especially since it gets me about half done with holiday gifts!

The greige honey cowl wasn’t anything I planned, but I had a skein of dk weight and needed something quick to finish. I picked up the ‘whiskers’ colorway of madtosh at a yarn shop in Soho and couldn’t put it down, which is why it ended up in the stash. No ideas on whether I’ll keep it or gift it once it’s blocked.

The socks are all singles, but two of them were second socks of a pair – the pinky purple one is the second Jaywalker for a pair for my mom for the holidays, out of some Patons Kroy sock yarn I’ve had for a while. It’s the second pair of Jaywalkers I’ve knit this year – want to see the other?

This is one of the best pairs of socks I’ve knit to date. The stripes matched perfectly (once I’d done some adjusting to cast on in the right place in the stripe sequence), they fit my little sister perfectly, and let’s just say ‘perfectly’ a few more times, hmm? Most importantly, the birthday girl was delighted with them, as were our parents, which is what I’d wanted. Let’s just ignore the fact that the birthday girl got wool socks at the end of June.

But back to the stash dash! The other sock that joined its mate was for me, the plain one with aqua and orange stripes out of str. Loved knitting with this stuff, and happy that there’s more waiting in the stash.

That last sock is the first of a pair for my dad for the holidays this year. It’s a Col. Mustard sock with a 72 stitch cast on since it’s in fingering weight. I didn’t want to use any pattern that would compete with the yarn (knit picks stroll hand painted in the ‘cartoons’ colorway – nothing much could compete if it wanted to), but with enough stretch that it would fit snugly, and the garter rib totally fit the bill. I’ve just cast on (truly, haven’t even joined in the round, just cast on) for the second one, which I’ll be bringing with me on a trip.

And then there were shawls. The first one I finished was the blue one, a Beithe shawl out of Colinette Jitterbug in a blue speckly yarn that I love. Unfortunately, I don’t love the size of the shawl – which is completely my own fault for not paying attention to the recommended yarn weight per the pattern. I’m thinking of frogging to make myself a pair of socks, since it’s such a sproingy yarn and I don’t think blocking is going to get me the sort of drape I want.

The last shawl, the one I cast off the day before the end of the yarn 5k, is my second Nefertem. This time it’s for my mother-in-law, who’s allergic to wool, so I made it from Three Irish Girls bamboo cotton fingering weight. It’s not even blocked yet and it’s lovely – so soft and drapey, and the colors are very her. I won’t be blocking this for a while, but between this shawl and the pink sock, both mothers are getting handknit things for the holidays this year, and finished five months before they’re needed.

In my opinion, the yarn 5k was a huge success – I’m already in another kal, one that I might actually complete on time – and I’d definitely do it again. Once my desk (in a new room in a new house) stops looking so much like this: