I have joined a knitting group. I am not much of a joiner, nor do I have friends who knit, so this is not an insignificant thing for me. But I’m loving it – I can’t always go each week, but I’ve been attending as much as life allows, and it is so nice to get to sit and chat and knit with the lovely group I’ve found.

So the group, or some of it, is doing a knitting 5k, and while I have a feeling I will not make that sort of yardage, I still seem to have cast on all the things. The orange and teal striped sock is not new – after receiving an amazing package of STR from the boy this past February (in honor of Valentine’s Day and something work-related), I cast on some plain vanilla socks and have been working on them off and on. This is the second sock, and it’s getting close to being done. This means a new pair for the sock drawer this winter, which will be exciting.

The yellow, multicolored bit of yarn will also be a sock. I’m trying to not rush my holiday knitting at all this year by throwing in a smaller project here and there, so I cast on for the first sock for my dad after finishing up a pair of birthday socks for my little sister.

The light purply yarn will be a shawl. I’m repeating a pattern I’ve already knit (and enjoyed), but this time for my mother-in-law. She’s allergic to wool (of course), so normally I can’t do much stash knitting for her. This time, I’d bought a bamboo/cotton blend in a color way I loved – and then realized that yarn was never going to be socks. But it would (and does) drape beautifully, so there’s another holiday project started.

Finally, that bright blue wool is going to be a crescent shawl for me. I keep thinking about the shaping of the Beithe shawl that was on Knitty a couple years ago, and I threw caution, gauge, yarn weight, etc to the wind and cast on (thrice) to start. I’m already a quarter of the way through the lace, since it’s knit bottom up, and since the rows get shorter as I go it seems like the type of knit to power through in fairly short order once the lace is done.

Hopefully I’ll finish at least a few of these by the end of the 5k!