I wish I had embarked on a binge of knitting down the stash and making things for me after the holidays. After all, I managed knitted gifts for a lot of my family, and had been working on presents since June.

But March is going to be a busy month for a couple reasons. Two of them are this:

Two of the women at my office are pregnant (yes, there always seem to be babies on the way in my life). Both are having little girls, which is so exciting – time for pink yarn and lace! And both are due in March. One is getting a blanket, which I’ll need to block this weekend to make sure I can gift it in time. The other, the little pink sweater, is for a baby due at the end of the month, so it will probably need a hat to go with it.

The other thing that happened was socks. One pair will be for my sister, and they don’t need to be done until her birthday (in June) or the holidays. I owe her a sweater too.

But the lavender pair has to be done and blocked and have the ends woven in by March 15 – for a 90th birthday that’s really important to me. I’m much further along on sock 1 than I was when I took the picture, and am feeling okay about finishing it this weekend and then casting on for sock 2.

Hopefully I’ll have an opportunity to do some completely selfish knitting once I finish up all the gifts that I need for March – and hopefully plenty of other knitters out there have cast on (or maybe even are already wearing!) something they’ve made for themselves.