What makes some parts of knitting take so much longer than others? Is it laziness, or bad habit, or just something that all knitters do?


Here is a pile of mittens – except that all of them are missing something. Thumbs! It happens like that every time. No matter how hard I promise myself that I’ll do each thumb as soon as I finish the rest, it turns out that I’ll go so far as knitting a second pair of mittens to avoid finishing up the thumbs. Usually it’s weaving in ends that kills me and adds a week to each project, but except for those dangling bits of waste yarn I’m holding the thumb, all the ends are woven in. Hello procrastination.


And hello sock feet. I love starting a new sock (once the cuff is over). The leg always goes so fast, especially if there’s a lace repeat or stripes or a cable; and turning the heel is a little bit magical to me. But the foot? Takes forever. It’s worst when I’m knitting for C or one of our fathers, but even with my relatively small shoe size, knitting the foot for socks for me takes ages longer than it should.


And sleeves. It’s not the second sleeve for me, it’s all the sleeves. This is the first sleeve for a baby sweater I started a month ago. It’s worsted weight yarn on size 7 needles, and it should barely have taken me any time at all – but it’s taking me forever.

Anyone else have strange things that they procrastinate on in their knitting?