It’s under a week until Christmas, and that slight haze of panic-over-gift-knitting that knitters know so well is starting to set in.

Though there’s been plenty of progress. Last weekend we were snowed in pretty well, and I spent large swaths of time watching movies I’ve seen before and knitting. A pair of socks for my father-in-law are done. A pair of cowls that will be off to friends in Washington are finished. The second sock of the pair for my dad is on its way, as are the tops of the flip-top mittens requested by my sister. I even survived my first crocheted cast-off on a shawl for my mom – see?

(I am already planning full posts for the gifts once they’re given.)

At the moment, there’s still blocking and finishing for a number of things, wrapping for all, shipping for some, a cowl, the rest of the tops of the mittens for my sister, and 2/3rds (it’s probably closer to 3/4ths, but that panicked haze grants me denial) of a sock. The cowl is for a good friend’s birthday, in her two favorite colors, and needs another couple rounds, a cast off, a quick blocking, and the ends woven. The sock is causing me the most worry – I really really want to finish and block them this weekend, but am not sure if it will happen. The mittens are the flip-top kind, and I think that there’s maybe an hour and a half of knitting and finishing yet to do. But there’s also wrapping all the gifts, hand-knit or not. I usually love wrapping things, and have a tendency to use leftover yarn that won’t be used elsewhere in place of bows or ribbon. But this year I wandered into Michael’s for something, and $1.50 later I had this:

I would never knit with it – but I will gleefully tie it in bows around all the presents I’m going to be wrapping! Good luck to all the knitters trying to break physics in order to finish gift knits – we can do it!