I think being a knitter is more peaceful than not, and here is why.

The night before leaving on vacation, I was packing, and debating whether each item needed to come along. Digging through a bin for C’s huge striped scarf, I came across a number of my hats. But decided not to bring one. It’s only early fall, after all, and not really cold enough to want to wear a wool hat, however much I like them. I did note for later, though, that I couldn’t find my gray beanie, which is lovely and warm and soft and goes with everything and which is the hat I’d have wanted to bring if I’d decided to pack a hat.

The next morning, though, at the last possible second, I realized that I did want a hat, but none of the ones I could find if my gray beanie was missing. This is when someone normal would sigh and look harder, or decide to buy a hat or to simply skip bringing one. Someone who knits?


Someone who knits doesn’t see a problem, only an opportunity. I’d been eyeing the heel stitch hat from the Purl Bee since I saw it in orange on the Fringe Association blog here. I don’t think I looked twice at the pattern originally, but Karen’s version is great, and I had some mustard wool left over from another project, that I’d mentally assigned to the pattern after admiring the orange one.

So Thursday morning I checked recommended needle sizes, ran upstairs for the yarn, and cast on during my inbound commute. Two days later, it’s not really cold enough for a hat to be necessary – but I’m ready if it is!