I can’t quite wrap my head around how hectic this month has been, especially at work; and I have the sort of job that follows me home easily. This past week in particular has been a series of days at work, coming home to cook and do some chores, and then staying up until midnight to get more work done.

I’m usually okay with stress – when things get intense, I either kick into high gear, or stumble somehow and then keep treading water to stay on top of it all. So this happened:


It was emergency knitting. I felt the stress building up, and decided it was time for a brief break. I marched into Purl Soho during my lunch, got a skein of Madtosh merino light (wound), some dpns, and a stitch dictionary, and cast on once I got on the train on the ride home. It was lovely. I hadn’t gotten to knit for a while and (now that I think about it) had been a little worried about all the gift knits I’m hoping to make this year, and it was freeing – just swatching, no one’s pattern but mine, a new project with no due date. Glorious! I kept thinking to myself, ‘in case of emergency, break out yarn.’ It worked too – a little emergency knitting did the trick, and made me feel much better.