So, that’s a wrap on baby knits for me for the summer! Both of the babies due in July are here, though one waited until early August to meet his parents. Those gifts were finished and wrapped and given in a rush, so that there are no pictures. A soft white cardigan and stroller blanket were mailed to a friend after I picked up a pink elephant-shaped button, and a green cotton cardigan and pair of booties went to a little boy’s parents when they came over for dinner.


These were blocked and drying for a little boy due at the end of this month when he arrived early, so instead of getting to give them in person, they were mailed when the recipient was a few days old. I loved making the set! The booties are Elizabeth Zimmerman’s classic garter stitch bootees, and the little cardigan is Tanis Lavallee’s Sunnyside.


I made the cable version, and really enjoyed knitting it, so the fact that there’s an additional lace option is pretty wonderful (and generous). I’d totally make this again! The only modifications I made seem to be pretty standard per Ravelry project notes: I flipped the cables on one side so they mirrored the other, and also added a matching cable down each side ‘seam’. The yarn was Knitpicks Stroll Tonal sock yarn in the ‘blue yonder’ colorway. Machine-washable, more than enough in a skein for baby things, and such a nice, bright break from all the pastels.


This was very pastel, but the only thing I got to be around for when the mom-to-be opened it, which made my day yesterday. There isn’t a pattern to link to because I winged it with a couple balls of Plymouth Encore, which is a machine-washable (of course) wool blend. One of the nicest things about knitting blankets, even small ones intended just for a stroller or car seat, is that they sit over your lap while you knit, so you know they’ll be cozy. The tiny thing that went with this blanket was my out-of-character hedgehog stuffed animal, whose stomach matches the border of the blanket.

So this concludes my summer baby knits for the year – time to make some progress on all the projects I’ve got planned for the holidays!