My knitting this weekend and this past week seems to have taken a turn into left field. When I look at it all together, it’s like examining someone else’s knitting bag, not my own. Who am I? What have I cast on? What has this imposter done with the knitter who usually blogs here?

Let’s check out the evidence.

The light blue yarn is left over from a baby blanket that I finished (needs blocking and ends woven in, but I don’t want to do that until it’s time to wrap and give to avoid fold lines) for a colleague who’s pregnant. It’s her first, and my usual rule for first babies is a blanket, but I had extra yarn and wanted to do something else….

Enter a hedgehog! I never knit toys, and so here I am knitting the adorable Purl Bee pattern that I’d long admired but never tried. Here’s hoping I can get my version to come out as cute and cuddly as the original!

Next, consider the dark brown sock currently growing off the needles. I don’t usually handle brown well, because why brown? Any shade of gray or blue or green, but I’d never buy brown yarn, especially brown sock yarn, when there are so very many beautiful sock yarns in other colors that call to me. But here I am, working on a brown pair of socks for my father-in-law for the holidays (yes, second gift-knit has been cast on!). I pulled all the sock yarns in the stash that I thought would work best for the pattern I chose, and this was the best. Sturdy, squishy, machine-washable, masculine, wouldn’t compete with the yummy waffle stitch and cables? Thanks Knitpicks Stroll that I don’t remember buying! The pattern is from Knitspot, the waffle creams socks, and as pesky as it was to figure out that cable, I lurve the pattern, even in a color I never wear, and am happy they’ll be going to someone I love to keep him warm this winter.

Next, in a medium teal cotton, is a crocheted bow. Crochet! I certainly don’t crochet – I’ve got a tiny flower and a (not very pretty) granny-square blanket under my belt when it comes to that other yarn-based craft. But there it is, a little bow thanks to the kit that came with the Mollie Makes issue I picked up last night. It’s, ahem, totally not true to the pattern provided, and there are some big holes hidden on the back and facing away from this picture, but for a few golden minutes there I could make sense if where to put the crochet hook and how to wrap the yarn properly. It was nice, though a crochet hook plus cotton yarn equaled pain for my hands for a little.

And finally, what is that other thing the bow is sitting on? Am I knitting a muppet? (Maybe it looks more like Chewbacca?) Here’s a closer picture from a few days before:


This is some yarn that was given to me from a friend who’d gotten it from her grandmother, who’d been a knitter. I’m supposed to be knitting it into a shawl and giving it back to my friend, who’s going to give it to her grandmother (hopefully with a shawl pin that I found). It’s the circle of yarn…but what yarn it is! Brown, mohair, novelty, stupid loops of silver thread that keep getting stuck on the needles, etc. I am not sure how I’d feel about this yarn if it were just the strand of mohair, without the copper and silver bits (it still wouldn’t be my first choice of color), but as it is, I’m not sure how this is going to play out. I’m planning to show it to my friend this week, before I bring home another ball of that stuff and spend any more of my knitting time on it, to make sure she’s happy with how it’s going. Otherwise it will feel like having skinned a muppet for nothing.