What I wanted to post was something along the lines of ‘Yay, it’s more than six months out, and I have started on my holiday knitting!’

The reality is not that. Technically, I did start. My mother-in-law is allergic to wool, so while my father-in-law and both my parents got handknit socks last Christmas, I felt terrible for not making them for her, too. This year I wanted it to be different. I found sock weight yarn without any wool in it. I found a pattern that I thought would do well with the stripy, variegated yarn. I picked a size, cast on, knit the cuff, and started the pattern. What you see above is as far as I got.

I knew better, truly. I thought the skein looked mostly pink and purple, but the orange and green and brown gave me pause, one I should have listened to. That little voice inside insisting that I hated acrylic? Should have listened to that, too, but I told it that at least it wouldn’t hurt my hands like most cottons. I felt like putting it down once I was most of the way through the cuff, but I told myself that once the pattern started it might totally change the look of the yarn and the way it was knitting up.

Nope! This would have been an ugly sock, and I can’t make ugly socks for someone I love, unless they’re bad in that so-ugly-it’s-cute sort of way. Which these are clearly not. It’s fine, you can admit it, too. This was a bad idea from the second I bought that yarn.

I don’t want to say which yarn, because it’s not that company’s fault I didn’t love their yarn, plus I’m sure there are examples of perfectly nice projects in that same colorway, even. I don’t want to say which pattern either, because it’s really truly nothing to do with the pattern; I quite enjoyed what little of it I did and I’m sure I’ll try it again in another yarn.

So at least I’ve learned a little something about listening to myself when I’m trying to tell me that a yarn is ugly and not knitting up nicely and even perfectly serviceable yet ugly socks from that yarn would still be plastic. I’m glad I pulled the plug before I’d spent any more time working on them. I’m glad I found a pattern to try with something else from the stash. And I hope that I’ve learned my lesson about wanting to brag about a super early start on holiday knitting. Anyone else have a terrible yarn experience that derailed their formerly well-laid plans?

Back to square one, and wiser for it.