navy gemini in progress

Just a quick update on my tttkal progress – it’s sailing along pretty fast so far!

As you may have guessed from the picture, I decided to finally make Jane Richmond‘s gorgeous Gemini tee. I’ve had a bunch of skeins of Knitpicks CotLin yarn (in planetarium), and when I first saw the Gemini pattern on Knitty, I had a feeling that’s what the yarn would want to be. The swatch was exactly right, and I love everything about the sweater each time I try it on to see how many more inches there are to go.

I don’t think that I’m going to manage the May 22 end date for the kal – things have been hopelessly busy in work and in life lately, and I’m frankly surprised by how much is done already. I’m also planning to add longer sleeves, elbow length or 3/4, which will add some time to the piece as well. Jane Richmond is a fellow participant in the kal, and is making herself a Gemini with longer sleeves – she did a super helpful post about it here, which I of course didn’t see until I was considerably past leaving the sleeve stitches on waste yarn; but I was already planning to make looser sleeves, especially for a summery sweater like this is going to be.

My grand plan, which the sleeves should fit with, is to be able to wear this to work. The dark, linen blend plus sleeves are pretty much perfect for the way I tend to dress, and the simple lace at the top is such a great detail. It’s been great to work on as a pattern; and also as a yarn. Usually cottons hurt my hands if I knit with them for too long. I don’t know whether it’s the yarn or the slightly larger needles or what, but I can knit on my Gemini for quite a while without my hands feeling like they’re going to flop off in protest. I’m hoping to finish this no later than June 20, so that I can pack it to wear at a conference I’ll be heading to near the end of the month. Non-aching fingers crossed!

I’d love to hear about other kals that others have participated in. This is my first, but knowing that I’m part of a group knitting similar things seems to be keeping me focused (not to mention that conference), so I might start looking for more once this one is over.