The things I’ve been working on lately include:

– socks (with a pattern, hopefully, coming soon)
– baby blankets (very pastel)
– a tiny baby sweater in sock yarn on size 3 needles
– other baby sweaters (in light, neutral colors)
– a shawl in fingering weight yarn

So of course it’s time to cast on another project! (This is how I used to read, when I had what now seems like limitless time to read – I’d pick up book after book, usually in multiple genres, and take sips of some and great gulps of others, so that even as I finished there were always more books I was in the middle of. I still have many books I’m in the midst of these days, only now there’s much less time to read things that aren’t for work).

The trigger was seeing this kal at luvinthemommyhood’s blog. I haven’t done a kal ever, especially for clothing for myself. But this, knitting something that has to be less than a full-sized, long-sleeved sweater, feels like something I can manage, even with all those baby knits to be completed this summer.

So this knit-to-be will be a break from all the other things I’m working on: navy blue to contrast with all the light yarn; bigger needles to give my hands a break from tiny stitches in sock yarn; dk weight for the same reason. I’m still deciding on a pattern (though I really want to use the yarn I’m swatching with, which has wanted to become a particular pattern for a while now), so my full plans will have to wait till I’m good and ready to commit. But for now, I’ve signed up to knit along, and am so happy I saw the latest kal, and glad it inspired me to take a bit of a break.