I realized on my commute home today that on my admittedly select list of handknit-worthy friends, four are pregnant, all due in a few months. That’s two babies in July, one in August, and one in September.

Can I be totally honest? One of them is a second baby whose parents decided not to find out whether his or her older brother was a boy or a girl. Them I was ready for, since I had a feeling that a younger sibling was going to be on the way in fairly short order, so I’d knit a lovely yet neutral sweater in light green cotton last summer. So that baby is all set, and the sweater will be too, once I find appropriate buttons.

But still, that’s a baby to knit for per month for those three months, and all the swatching I’ve done recently seems disappointing. Take the awful photo above (a phone-photo, I can do better with a real camera). It was the beginning of a swatch for a teensy cardigan for the boy due in August. The yarn looked much more orange in the skein than after it was wound. I’m not worried – C loves the swatch as I figured he would and he’ll get a pair of socks as a result – but I do wish I had some solid, superwash that wasn’t earmarked for anything and was a nice, baby boy sort of color.