I am not the best knitter for others. In fact, sometimes, I hate it. I’m sure plenty of knitters feel the same – there are knitwear recipients who don’t appreciate that something’s handmade, those who insist wool is scratchy, those who deem handknit things so precious that they won’t use them, and plenty more I’m sure. And it all makes me crazy.

garter scarf 1

My husband, though, is one of my favorite people to knit for. He knows, because mostly he’s right there next to me while I knit, how long it takes to make a length of yarn into knitted fabric with texture and dimension and shape. He also knows that I knit a lot, to relax or because there’s something I want or because I have an idea, and that everything I knit is meant to be used. I love that his socks start to show wear and that the scarf I made him has tangled fringe, because it means he’s wearing them! Appreciative of the time spent and determined to make use of knitted things is the perfect reaction.

And though socks are probably his favorite handknit things to get (imagine the envy as he watched the week before the holidays as I produced a pair of socks that would fit him and were meant for my dad!), sometimes you just need big wool and giant cold-weather accessories.

honey cowl for honeyThis is a short, super-bulky version of the super popular Honey Cowl. I just love the texture of the fabric from this pattern, and can’t wait to finish a longer version (in a worsted weight) that will be for me. I did this on size 15 needles with Spud & Chloe outer in cornsilk, and though it’s certainly not meant for the frigid temperatures we had the other week, it was great for the fall.

yellow honey cowlI have to admit, though, I’m not a huge fan of the yarn. It’s shedding much more than I thought it would from the skein (maybe it’s the goatee?) even after its bath, and its owner doesn’t love this aspect of the cowl so much. I hope that the next project I use this yarn for (there are a few skeins in my stash, since I’d originally bought it with a project in mind that I can’t recall) is a better fit for the properties of the yarn.

This next big knit is a simple garter stitch scarf that I made a while ago and has seen plenty of wear. Knit sideways, I made symmetrical stripes from Knitpicks Swish Bulky, probably on a size 13 needle, and I can attest to the overall toastiness of this scarf – which could also be because of how many times you can wrap it around your neck!

stripey garter scarf

As you can see, it’s just a tiny big long. I made this a few years ago, before I had much knitting experience, and my lack of swatching shows – as does my failure to take into account how much the garter stitch would stretch. Still, it’s warm and gets worn. And if my husband’s face gets chilly, he’s all set.